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Laravel 5.3 Storage::put creates a directory with the file name

I'm using Laravel's file storage functionality to save a file:

public function dataPost(Request $request) {

$fileInForm = 'doc';

if ($request->hasFile($fileInForm)) {

$file = $request->file($fileInForm);
if ($file->isValid()) {

// Filename is hashed filename + part of timestamp
$hashedName = hash_file('md5', $file->path());
$timestamp = microtime() * 1000000;

$newFilename = $hashedName . $timestamp . '.' . $file->getClientOriginalExtension();

Storage::disk('local')->put($newFilename, $file);

This does save the file, but inside a directory named the same as the file, for example:




Is this expected? Is there any way to just store the file without a separate directory for each file?


Answer Source

you need to provide the file contents in the second argument not file object, try this:

Storage::disk('local')->put($newFilename, file_get_contents($file));

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