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JSON Question

How can I split a string containing n concatenated json string in javascript/nodejs?

Let's say I receive this string from a socket server (which I cannot control):


I cannot use JSON.parse since it contains 2 Json string so how can I split into

var jsonString1 = {"data":{"time":"2016-08-08T15:13:19.605234Z","x":20,"y":30}}


var jsonString2 = {"data":{"time":"2016-08-08T15:13:19.609522Z","x":30,"y":40}}

Note: I may have 1 to n Json strings concatenated in fact

Answer Source

You could just do:

var data = '{"data":{"time":"2016-08-08T15:13:19.605234Z","x":20,"y":30}}{"data":{"time":"2016-08-08T15:13:19.609522Z","x":30,"y":40}}';

var sanitized = '[' + data.replace(/}{/g, '},{') + ']';
var res = JSON.parse(sanitized);


However, this will fail if one of the objects contains the }{ pattern in a string.

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