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AngularJS Question

How do I filter and structure this JSON?

I have a array of json objects known as events, which has fields like eventId, eventName and most importantly dateofevent.

[{event1}, {event2}, {event3}];

I need to iterate over this array of events and filter out the events that are on the same day. To obtain a new object like this.

"days": [
"date": "11-05-2015",
"events": [
{"eventId": 1, ...},
{"eventId": 2, ...},
{"eventId": 3, ...},
{"eventId": 4, ...},

How can I do this efficiently with Javascript or Angular?

Answer Source

You can create a new object with the dates as keys, and the values are arrays that contain the events. After you have the date => events map, convert it to array in the structure you want.

Assuming the original data is in a variable called "events":

    var events  = [{event 1}, {event 2}...];
    var daysMap = {};
    var days = []; {
        if (days[event.dateofevent] === undefined) {
            days[event.dateofevent] = [];
    for (var day in daysMap) {
            date: day, 
            events: daysMap[day]
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