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Highchart series update in javascript

I'm trying to update a Highchart series by generating a new array with the current data from the database. But for some reason I can only find info about going through the data one at a time. Once a chart is created, its only re-running the same code again so the labels etc don't change - only the [pointStart] and the [data] change.

Is there a way to update all the data as a whole? I also haven't managed to get a for loop to work correctly.

function generateSeries(data){
var cData = [];
var rollup = data.rollupData;
cData['type'] = 'line';
cData['pointStart'] = convertDateTime(data.lastMinute);
cData['pointInterval'] = 60 * 1000;
for(var i in rollup){
var x = new Array();
var v = rollup[i].rttSystem;
case('line'): var vn = ' (L)'; break;
case('node'): var vn = ' (N)'; break;
case('module'): var vn = ' (M)'; break;
default: var vn = '';
x['name'] = rollup[i].rollupName + vn;
x['data'] = rollup[i].kpiData;
return cData;

the ouput of the array looks like [0: ['name': 'California', 'data': [0.002, 0.003 ...],1: ['name':'Oklahoma', 'data': [0.001, 0.002 ...], 'type': 'line', 'pointStart':'','pointInterval':60 * 1000]

var chart = new Highcharts.Chart({
chart: {
series: generateSeries(data)
}, function(chart){
var newSeries = generateSeries(data);
// Udate the series again with the current data

Update: this does the series but not the pointStart.

if(chart.series.length > 1){
var s = 0;
for(var i in newSeries){
chart.series[s].pointStart = newSeries[i].pointStart;
chart.series[0].pointStart = newSeries[0].pointStart;

Answer Source

To update a chart I usually do this:

    pointStart: newSeries[0].pointStart,
    data: newSeries[0].data
}, true); //true / false to redraw

Try calling redraw after the update.

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