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Raising an event through subroutine

I'm trying to raise an event through subroutine to notify some of my program's observers that the animated transition has been completed. But it tells me it cannot be called directly and I need to use a RaiseEvent. I tried adding handlers, and it still doesn't work. What should I do?

Utility.raiseEventTest(Me.TransitionCompletedEvent, Me, New Transition.Args())

Public Shared Sub raiseEventTest(Of T As System.EventArgs)(theEvent As EventHandler(Of T), sender As Object, args As T)
If theEvent Is Nothing Then
End If
For Each handler As EventHandler(Of T) In theEvent.GetInvocationList()
Dim target As ISynchronizeInvoke = TryCast(handler.Target, ISynchronizeInvoke)
If target Is Nothing OrElse target.InvokeRequired = False Then
handler(sender, args)
target.BeginInvoke(handler, New Object() {sender, args})
End If
Catch generatedExceptionName As Exception
End Try
End Sub

Answer Source

Just use RaiseEvent as suggested, there is no need for you to use that type of code...


Utility.raiseEventTest(Me.TransitionCompletedEvent, Me, New Transition.Args())


RaiseEvent TransitionCompleted(Me, New Transition.Args())

All subscribers will be notified and receive the event.

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