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Vue.js - repeat an element a specific number of times

I would like to use Vue.js to repeat an element n times, based on the


<label-parent num-labels="4"></label-parent>

This is my component:

<div id="label-parent">
<div v-for="idx in numLabels">

export default {
name: "LabelParent",
props: ['numLabels'],

This code only outputs an empty div:
<div id="label-parent"></div>
. What is the correct way of doing this?

d3l d3l
Answer Source
<label-parent num-labels="4"></label-parent>

Passes 4 as a string which won't work with v-for.

Pass your argument with : to evaluate the expression so you get an actual number which will work with v-for.

<label-parent :num-labels="4"></label-parent>


I highly suggest typing your props.

You can type your props like this:

export default {
    props: {
        numLabels: {
            type: Number, // type of the property
            required: (true|false), // is this prop required or not?
            default: 0 // default value for this prop

See Prop Validation

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