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Get HTTP Status-Line in Alamofire

I am using the Alamofire 4.0.1 library in swift 3; I am looking for the HTTP Status-Line (as described in I can get the status code, the headers, everything, but not the status message.

I am querying a REST API which gives me 403 responses with different messages after the "Forbidden" keyword describing the problem: like the client is not approved for access or that accessing an specific URL is not allowed, because it is for internal use only. In my client accessing the API I want to give the user more details than just the "Forbidden" message.

This is what the server sends back (I know this because I used Paw, a HTTP Client to send a HTTP request and investigate the response):

HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden (internal method)

So to conclude, is there any chance to get the HTTP Status-Line in Alamofire?

Answer Source

Unfortunately no

Alamofire uses the URLResponse and it does not implement any field/method that gives you information about Status-Line. To get the Status-Line you should use other maybe lower-level frameworks.

URLResponse gives you only information about allHeaderFields, you can look on my answer about it here :

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