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iOS app text looks bigger is Fixed by using launch screen

I developed a project one year ago in

swift 2.0
, recently i updated it to
swift 3.0
. Today i run that app into my iPhone 6 , all text looks so big. Including status bar. I thought it is a issue with current project

So i tried to download my app from
iOS appstore
which was uploaded using
Xcode 7
, the app text looks so big

Is the above one is the issue with my phone or it is a generic issue
Xcode 8

But when i develop a sample project using
Xcode 8
, the all text looks normal in size.

Update: I used Image set for splash image so i changed it to launch screen now text look Normal

Answer Source

Already face same issue...

I think you have problem with your splash screen.

Do as follow, it will definitely solved your issue.

1 ) Remove your splash screen from Project.

2 ) Add splash screen using Images.xcassets

3 ) Do following setting if require.

Go to -> Project setting - > app icon and launch image -> In source set it to you asset file and also name below

So, I am sorry to say this is not an issue of XCode 8.0 or Swift 3.0

Note: Your problem is in your project you have not include splash screen for iPhone 6. You can directly add the splash screen for iPhone 6

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