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MPAndroidChart is there a way to set different colors for different bars?

I am using MPAndroidChart in my app and i was wondering if there is a way to set a diferent color for the first bar in a dynamically moving bar chart, like this:
enter image description here

The bars are added dynamically while the whole stack is being moved to the left as the data keeps coming, is there a way to set the color of the first bar to be a different color?
thank you in advance.

EDIT and Solution:
here is my code for adding a new entry to the chart, it occurs dynamically every 500 millis or so.

private void addBarEntry(float value) {

BarData data = mDownloadChart.getData();

if(data != null) {

BarDataSet set = data.getDataSetByIndex(0);
// set.addEntry(...); // can be called as well

if (set == null) {
set = createBarSet();

// add a new x-value first
data.addXValue(set.getEntryCount() + "");

// choose a random dataSet
//int randomDataSetIndex = (int) (Math.random() * data.getDataSetCount());

data.addEntry(new BarEntry(value, set.getEntryCount()), 0);

// let the chart know it's data has changed

SLog.d(TAG, "download value: "+value);


// redraw the chart

Thanks to @Philipp Jahoda I got it to work, just add this piece of code in you addEntry method:

int[] colors = new int[set.getEntryCount()];
for (int i = 0; i<colors.length; i++){
colors[colors.length-1] = Color.parseColor("your-hex-color-for-last-entry");


Answer Source

Yes, there is, it's in the documentation.

Basically you can set a separate color for each bar in the chart. It's a little inconvenient at the moment because in your case you have to set each color to "red" and the last color to "green".

I'm working on improving that.