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JavaScript same functions, different implementation decided on runtme

What is the best way to change JavaScript implementations at run time?

I have a web application which connects to the server by SignalR.

If there is any problem connecting to the server using SignalR at runtime, I want to change the services functions implementations to work with regular XHR.

I have one js file with the following functions to connect via SignalR:

function initializeConnection() {
// Initialize connection using SignalR

function sendEcho() {
// Sending echo message using signalR

And another js file with the same functions for connection via XHR:

function initializeConnection() {
// Initialize connection using XHR

function sendEcho() {
// Sending echo message using XHR

I know it is impossible to have them loaded at the same time.

I know I can use one file with a toggle within each function.

I thought maybe I can switch between these files by loading & unloading them at runtime. Is this possible? If so, is this the best way for such an issue?

What is the best way for supplying different implementations at runtime?

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One way to do it, is to define both implementations as objects with same signatures and just set the namespace to a variable:

;var MyStuff = {
    SignalR: {
        initializeConnection: function(){console.log('SignalR.initializeConnection()')},
        sendEcho: function(){console.log('SignalR.sendEcho()')}

    XHR: {
        initializeConnection: function(){console.log('XHR.initializeConnection()')},
        sendEcho: function(){console.log('XHR.sendEcho()')}

//Do whatever check you want to
var mNamespace = (1 === 2) ? MyStuff.SignalR : MyStuff.XHR;

//Call the instance

You can also keep them split in two files and add them both to MyStuff dynamicallly:

//File 1
;var MyStuff = (MyStuff === undefined) ? {} : MyStuff;
MyStuff.SignalR = {..};

//File 2
;var MyStuff = (MyStuff === undefined) ? {} : MyStuff;
MyStuff.XHR = {..};
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