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Importing library in Dart on Windows

I've been trying to make a library in Dart and import it in my project. Though for some reason it won't do it.

Here's how it looks:
It says it can't find the library, though the path is correct. I also tried a bunch of other paths:

  • SmartCanvas.dart

  • SmartCanvas/SmartCanvas.dart

  • SmartCanvas

  • SmartCanvas/SmartCanvas

  • ./SmartCanvas/SmartCanvas.dart

  • ../SmartCanvas/SmartCanvas.dart

  • ./SmartCanvas.dart

  • ../SmartCanvas.dart

  • ./SmartCanvas

  • ../SmartCanvas

Note: The project I'm trying to import this library into is located somewhere totally different on my harddrave (my dropbox folder.)

Anyone knows what I should use as path, or how I can import the library properly?


Answer Source

Try this for windows

#import('/c:/users/pablo/pablo\'s documents/projects/smartcanvas/smartcanvas.dart');
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