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iOS Question

Is it possible to trigger share menu on smartphones (via HTML/JS)?

Is there an existing possibility to trigger the share functionality in local browsers on smartphones via HTML or JavaScript?

Of course there are many services which provide a share button. But when I e.g. want to share a website on facebook, I need to be logged in to facebook in the browser I am currently using.

Almost all browsers got an own share functionality build in, which triggers a system menu to choose which app you want to use to share:

System share menu in android os

This question is about: How to trigger this menu?

I know it is possible to trigger a phone call with a specified prefix in href attribute of links, like

. Maybe such a shortcut for this share menu is also existing? Or some javascript code? Or a totally different way how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

There is no implementation in current browser/mobile OS to my knowledge. Since the question interested me - a google search revealed work on issues like this one.

Sorry - I do not known a workround.

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