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Angular ui-grid dynamically calculate height of the grid

I am using :

<div ui-grid="gridOptions" style="height:765px"></div>

When I hard code the value, as shown above, the grid spreads out and everything works as expected.

However, if I do the following...

$scope.gridStyle = 'height:'+numRows*rowHeight+'px' //(765px);
<div ui-grid="gridOptions" style="{{gridStyle}}"></div>

The height is printed in the div and div widens but the content itself widens to only around 340px. The space that is left is blank, so instead of 25 rows I see only 8. I have to scroll down, while there is a whole 400px free in the grid. The ui-grid-viewport and ui-grid-canvas are both not using this space...

Why can't the ui-grid-viewport use that space?

Answer Source

I use ui-grid - v3.0.0-rc.20 because a scrolling issue is fixed when you go full height of container. Use the ui.grid.autoResize module will dynamically auto resize the grid to fit your data. To calculate the height of your grid use the function below. The ui-if is optional to wait until your data is set before rendering.

angular.module('app',['ui.grid','ui.grid.autoResize']).controller('AppController', ['uiGridConstants', function(uiGridConstants) {
    $scope.gridData = {
      rowHeight: 30, // set row height, this is default size

    $scope.getTableHeight = function() {
       var rowHeight = 30; // your row height
       var headerHeight = 30; // your header height
       return {
          height: ($ * rowHeight + headerHeight) + "px"
<div ui-if=">0" id="grid1" ui-grid="gridData" class="grid" ui-grid-auto-resize ng-style="getTableHeight()"></div>

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