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Python Question

Import arbitrary python source file. (Python 3.3+)

How can I import an arbitrary python source file (whose filename could contain any characters, and does not always ends with

) in Python 3.3+?

I used
as follows:

>>> import imp
>>> path = '/tmp/a-b.txt'
>>> with open(path, 'U') as f:
... mod = imp.load_module('a_b', f, path, ('.py', 'U', imp.PY_SOURCE))
>>> mod
<module 'a_b' from '/tmp/a-b.txt'>

It still works in Python 3.3, but according to
documentation, it is deprecated:

Deprecated since version 3.3: Unneeded as loaders should be used to
load modules and find_module() is deprecated.

module documentation recommends to use

Note New programs should use importlib rather than this module.

What is the proper way to load an arbitrary python source file in Python 3.3+ without using the deprecated

Answer Source

Found a solution from importlib test code.

Using importlib.machinery.SourceFileLoader:

>>> import importlib.machinery
>>> loader = importlib.machinery.SourceFileLoader('a_b', '/tmp/a-b.txt')
>>> mod = loader.load_module()
>>> mod
<module 'a_b' from '/tmp/a-b.txt'>

NOTE: only works in Python 3.3+.

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