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AngularJS Question

angular filter name as variable

I'm designing universal table that reads data and columns from ajax.
In columns description is also filter name which angular should use for a specific column.
But in HTML templates I can't use variables for filter names:/
Is there a solution for that? Or should I code javascript loop with data source?

Here is code example:

<tr ng-repeat="item in data">
<td ng-repeat="col in cols">
<span ng-if="col.ngFilter">
{{col.ngFilter}} // ex. "state" filter
{{item[col.source]|col.ngFilter}} //is not working - is looking for "col.ngFilter" not "state" filter.

Answer Source

You cannot do it in your HTML. First, you need to apply the filter in your controller.

function MyCtrl($scope, $filter) {

    $scope.applyFilter = function(model, filter) {
        return $filter(filter)(model);


Then, in your HTML:

Instead of



{{applyFilter(item[col.source], col.ngFilter)}}
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