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Investigating a Java bug regarding String.valueOf(float)

In Java is it a possibility that String.valueOf(float) would format a float number differently based on what operating system the code is run on, the version of java and/or the operating systems locale.

For example, with the float number 4.5 would it ever be formatted to "4,5" instead of "4.5"?

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String.valueOf(float) calls Float.toString().

Float.toString() calls intern sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.toJavaFormatString(float)

The result string will never contain the sign , bacause of hard-coded '.' (ASCII: 46) inside the BinaryToASCIIBuffer.getChars(chars[])

You can see it if you decompile sun.misc.FloatingDecimal class (in my case java 8 jdk) or see the (similar) implementation in openjdk.