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Bash Question

Naming files after splitting them with split command within a pipeline

I've been recently dealing with splitting large files and processing them further.

My current pipe is very simple>

find . -type f -size +100M | split -b 100M

But what this does is not exactly what I'm after. I would like splitted files named similarly to input files to split function, for example> inputs of find are>


I would like output in the lines of for example

file101 file102 ...
file201 file202 ...
file301 file302 ...

I tried with >

split -b 100M -d $(find . -type f -size +1000M) $(find . -type f -size +1000M)

but it doesn't work as I wish, it throws error!


Answer Source

split doesn't read the filenames from standard input. You have to give the filename as an argument. You can do that with the -exec option to find. Use the {} placeholder to substitute the filename for both the input file and the output prefix arguments.

find .  -type f -size +100M -exec split -b 100M -d {} {} \;
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