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Google Play Service library in Android

Hello I am trying to use

in my android project. As you know in android phone there is Google Play Service APK which provide a some features to you such as location fetching etc.

So I have confusion that Suppose user have Google Play Service APK version is 4.3 and I am using Google Play Services library version is 4.0.30 in android project to build the app.

Do we require same version on both side like build with same latest Google play service library and Google Play Services installed APK to make as like Push Notification, Location fetching work in this case or there is no link between them ?

enter image description here

Thanks in advance

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They don't have to match.

The development of the library and the application is not completely dependant, that's why thier version number is different. As far as I know, each release of the services apk defines a maximum version of the library that is supported. So the only conflict could happen when the services apk is outdated (on the target device), and your application's library is a newer one.

The best you can do is to update the library, and the services application on your device.

It should work that way.

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