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C - How can I concatenate an array of strings into a buffer?

I am trying to concatenate a random number of lines from the song twinkle twinkle. Into the buffer before sending it out because I need to count the size of the buffer.

My code:

char temp_buffer[10000];
char lyrics_buffer[10000];
char *twinkle[20];
int arr_num;
int i;

twinkle[0] = "Twinkle, twinkle, little star,";
twinkle[1] = "How I wonder what you are!";
twinkle[2] = "Up above the world so high,";
twinkle[3] = "Like a diamond in the sky.";
twinkle[4] = "When the blazing sun is gone,";
twinkle[5] = "When he nothing shines upon,";

arr_num = rand() % 5;

for (i=0; i<arr_num; i++);
sprintf(temp_buffer, "%s\n", twinkle[i]);
strcat(lyrics_buffer, temp_buffer);

printf("%s%d\n", lyrics_buffer, arr_num);

My current code only prints 1 line even when I get a number greater than 0.

Answer Source

There are two problems: The first was found by BLUEPIXY and it's that your loop never does what you think it does. You would have found this out very easily if you just used a debugger to step through the code (please do that first in the future).

The second problem is that contents of non-static local variables (like your lyrics_buffer is indeterminate. Using such variables without initialization leads to undefined behavior. The reason this happens is because the strcat function looks for the end of the destination string, and it does that by looking for the terminating '\0' character. _If the contents of the destination string is indeterminate it will seem random, and the terminator may not be anywhere in the array.

To initialize the array you simply do e.g.

char lyrics_buffer[10000] = { 0 };

That will make the compiler initialize it all to zero, which is what '\0' is.

This initialization is not needed for temp_buffer because sprintf unconditionally starts to write at the first location, it doesn't examine the content in any way. It does, in other words, initialize the buffer.

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