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Initializing select with AngularJS and ng-repeat

I'm trying to get select-box to start off with a pre-filled option using ng-repeat with AngularJS 1.1.5. Instead the select always starts out with nothing selected. It also has an empty option, which I don't want. I think that there is a side effect of nothing being selected.

I can get this working using ng-options instead of ng-repeat, but I want to use ng-repeat for this case. Although my narrowed down example doesn't show it, I also want to set the title attribute of each option, and there is no way to do that using ng-options, as far as I know.

I don't think this is related to the common AngularJs scope/prototypical inheritance issue. At least I don't see anything obvious when inspecting in Batarang. Plus, when you pick an option in the select with the UI, the model does update correctly.

Here's the HTML:

<body ng-app ng-controller="AppCtrl">
Operator is: {{filterCondition.operator}}
<select ng-model="filterCondition.operator">
ng-repeat="operator in operators"

And the JavaScript:

function AppCtrl($scope) {

operator: 'eq'

$scope.operators = [
{value: 'eq', displayName: 'equals'},
{value: 'neq', displayName: 'not equal'}

JS Fiddle for this :

Answer Source

OK. If you don't want to use the correct way ng-options, you can add ng-selected attribute with a condition check logic for the option directive to to make the pre-select work.

<select ng-model="filterCondition.operator">
    <option ng-selected="{{operator.value == filterCondition.operator}}"
            ng-repeat="operator in operators"

Working Demo

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