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MySQL Question

Excluded row based on a another table cell value in mysql

I have two tables.

student master
enter image description here
enter image description here
I executed the query

SELECT f.standard,fee_type,fee_name,amount,ac_year FROM fee_master f, student_master s
s.standard=f.standard and

I got resultset like
enter image description here

But my need is
if studnet_master.ac_year==AC16 then INITIAL FEE should get removed from resultset or if studnet_master.ac_year==!=AC16 then ADMISSION FEE should get removed from resultset

Can anyone please help me to sort out this....

Thanks in advance...


Just add two extra conditions to your WHERE clause:

SELECT f.standard, f.fee_type, f.fee_name, f.amount, s.ac_year
FROM fee_master f
student_master s
    ON s.standard = f.standard
WHERE s.admission_no = '21300' AND
    (s.ac_year != 'AC16' OR f.fee_name != 'INITIAL FEES') AND
    (s.ac_year = 'AC16' OR f.fee_name != 'ADMISSION FEES')