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How to get various values for json_last_error

I'm writing unit tests against a function inspired by Fastest way to check if a string is JSON in PHP?

For example, I've tried adding control characters to the JSON strings in order to get

to equal
but it isn't working. It "does" give an error in JSON but it's seemingly always
. I've done some research but not sure how to make it fail in certain ways.

How might I change the JSON strings below in order to make
evaluate to something other than

$json = '[{user_id":"\x0230", "username":"stack"},{"user_id":14,"username":"over"}]';
$json = '[{"user_id":"\t\\r\\n", "username":"stack"},{"user_id":14,"username":"over"}]';

Thanks in advance, Adam

Answer Source

I was able to get a JSON_ERROR_CTRL_CHAR like this:

$json = chr(0).'[{"user_id":"13", "username":"stack"},{"user_id":14,"username":"over"}]';

FYI, it appears to give the same error regardless of where the chr(0) is in the string, and it works for at least chr(0) - chr(31), except 9, 10, and 13.

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