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Scala Question Can't compile test spec

I have the following service:

trait PingService extends MyHttpService {

val pingRoutes =
path("ping") {
get {
complete("message" -> "pong")

is a custom class that extends
and only contains utility methods.

This is the test spec:

import org.json4s.{DefaultFormats, Formats}
import org.scalatest.{FreeSpec, Matchers}
import spray.testkit.ScalatestRouteTest

class PingServiceSpec extends FreeSpec with PingService with ScalatestRouteTest with Matchers {

override implicit def actorRefFactory: ActorRefFactory = system

override implicit def json4sFormats: Formats = DefaultFormats

"Ping service" - {
"when calling GET /ping" - {
"should return 'pong'" in {
Get("/ping") ~> pingRoutes ~> check {
status should equal(200)
entity.asString should contain("pong")

Whenever I try to run the tests, I get the following error:

could not find implicit value for parameter ta: PingServiceSpec.this.TildeArrow[spray.routing.RequestContext,Unit]

Get("/ping") ~> userRoutes ~> check {

Am I doing something stupid? Any kind of help will be appreciated!

EDIT: Although this might look like a dupe of this question, it's not.

The solution provided in that post it's not working.

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Answer Source

The ScalatestRouteTest already provides an implicit ActorSystem. Remove the implicit modifier from your actorRefFactory method and the test should get executed.

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