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Fibonacci numbers, with an one-liner in Python 3?

I know there is nothing wrong with writing with proper function structure, but I would like to know how can I find nth fibonacci number with most Pythonic way with a one-line.

I wrote that code, but It didn't seem to me best way:

>>> fib=lambda n:reduce(lambda x,y:(x[0]+x[1],x[0]),[(1,1)]*(n-2))[0]
>>> fib(8)

How could it be better and simplier?

Answer Source
fib = lambda n:reduce(lambda x,n:[x[1],x[0]+x[1]], range(n),[0,1])[0]

(this maintains a tuple mapped from [a,b] to [b,a+b], initialized to [0,1], iterated N times, then takes the first tuple element)

>>> fib(1000)

(note that in this numbering, fib(0) = 0, fib(1) = 1, fib(2) = 1, fib(3) = 2, etc.)

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