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HTML Question

What does the following tag mean in HTML?

I have started to do a web project for school. I have made use of a template which has the following tag quite often:

<div class="col-lg-12">

What is the meaning and the use of it?

Answer Source

You seem to be using the Bootstrap library.

The <div> tag indicates the opening of a generic block-level element.

The class attribute indicates that this element belongs to a named grouping. Here the classname given to it is "col-lg-12".

Classnames can be used either in css or JavaScript. In this case, it is used by CSS in the Bootstrap library.

Bootstrap defines the style for the col-lg-12 classname as indicating that this div should take up the entire width of the screen on large screens. Bootstrap defines the entire screen to have a size of 12 columns. And this is saying that the div will take up all 12 columns on large devices.

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