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Symfony 2.8 SyliusRecourceBundle routing criteria

Right now I have a strange issue. Recently I started developing in Symfony 2.8. To learn in this framework I made an own project with an API. Everything works until i face a Route with a Criteria.

According to the documentation I only need to add "criteria" in the route file. But it isn't showing any difference. But when I add a "limit" too. Then it is working.

The Route file (A and B are fake):

path: /A/{id}/B
methods: [GET]
_controller: api.controller.B:indexAction
paginate: false
#limit: 900 #WHY?
A: $id

I read something about "filterable: true" but that was ages ago and it isn't in the documentation.

Query response with limit:

B t0
t0.A_id = ?

Query response without limit:

B t0

Answer Source

This is a bug in the default Sylius resource resolver, it ignores criteria and sorting when your not paginating or limit is unset. To solve this, you should override the sylius.resource_controller.resources_resolver.class parameter and use the following implementation for the getResources method:

public function getResources(RequestConfiguration $requestConfiguration, RepositoryInterface $repository)
    if (null !== $repositoryMethod = $requestConfiguration->getRepositoryMethod()) {
        $callable = [$repository, $repositoryMethod];
        $resources = call_user_func_array($callable, $requestConfiguration->getRepositoryArguments());

        return $resources;

    // this has changed!
    if (!$requestConfiguration->isPaginated() && !$requestConfiguration->isLimited()) {
        return $repository->findBy($requestConfiguration->getCriteria(), $requestConfiguration->getSorting(), $requestConfiguration->getLimit());

    if (!$requestConfiguration->isPaginated()) {
        return $repository->findBy($requestConfiguration->getCriteria(), $requestConfiguration->getSorting(), $requestConfiguration->getLimit());

    return $repository->createPaginator($requestConfiguration->getCriteria(), $requestConfiguration->getSorting());
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