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Unexpected data found during save on eloquent / Laravel

I have one more field on the database over the

the field name is date.

So i overwritten the method
on my model eloquent because i wanted that field be instantiated from Carbon.

public function getDates()
return ['date','created_at','updated_at'];

But when i go to create a new record on the database it throw me an exception:

InvalidArgumentException Unexpected data found. Unexpected data found.
Unexpected data found.

Ps: the value sent from the form is in EU format:
d-m-Y h:i

I don't know how figure out this problem any suggestion are appreciated

Answer Source

You array returned from getDates was merged with the dafault one resulting in:


so use only 'date' there and should be fine.

Try setting up a mutator for 'date' to convert the data from input into timestamp format. The error you get is not on Eloquent but Carbon.

public function setDateAttribute($value)
    $this->attributes['date'] = Carbon\Carbon::createFromFormat('d-m-Y h:i', $value);

Also there is mistake in the docs, as getDates defines date accessors, not mutators..

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