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Unit test: simulate the click event of child component in parent using enzyme

I have a parent component and a child component which is just a "label" element. When i click the child element, i need to call the function in parent component. I expect it to be called but the state doesnt change and when i saw the coverage file the function isnt being called.

**Updated:**The code works for development. It's just the unit test that fails.

Here is my parent component


export default class Parent extends Component {
constructor(props) {
this.state={clickedChild: false}
this.handleChildClick = this.handleChildClick.bind(this)

handleChildClick(index) {

const self = this
const items = [{'id':1,'text':'hello'},{'id':2,'text':'world'}]
return <ChildComponent onChildClick ={ self.handleChildClick.bind(null,index)} childItem={item} />

child component

export default class ChildComponent extends Component {
constructor(props) { super(props)}

<label onClick={this.props.onChildClick}>{this.props.childItem.text} </label>

unit test

import chai from 'chai'
import React from 'react'
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
import { mount, shallow } from 'enzyme';
import sinon from 'sinon'
import Parent from '../Parent'
import ChildComponent from '../ChildComponent'

let expect = chai.expect
describe('check click event on child()',()=>{
it('clicking menu item',()=>{
const items = [{'id':1,'text':'hello'},{'id':2,'text':'world'}]
const wrapper = mount(<Parent items={items} />)
console.log(wrapper.state('clickedChild')) // prints false
// tried the following
// wrapper.find(ChildComponent).last().simulate('click')

console.log(wrapper.state('clickedChild')) // still prints false

Answer Source

I changed the binding in my parent component to

<ChildComponent onChildClick ={() => self.handleChildClick(index)} childItem={item} />

There was also a function i was calling in my parent component which was calling its method.(parent.js)

handleChildClick(index) {
    this.props.handleClick(index) // i had forgotten to see the line.

Once i stubbed the above commented line in my test . everything worked as expected.

it('clicking menu item', () => {
    const items = [{'id':1,'text':'hello'},{'id':2,'text':'world'}]
    const handleClickStub = sinon.spy()
    const wrapper = mount(<Parent items={items} handleClick={handleClickStub} />)
    console.log(wrapper.state('clickedChild')) // prints false
    expect(handleClickStub.calledOnce).to.be.true // successful
    console.log(wrapper.state('clickedChild'))  // prints true
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