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How do we customize the built in Angular "currency" filter?

I'm using Angular "currency" filter to show price in a shopping cart. The prices are fetched from a back end server. So sometimes the price may not be available to show to the user. In that case I just want to show the user that the price is not available in the same field as of currency field. I can not show plain text in a currency filter. The only solution I found is to keep another text field to show/hide when a price is not available.But this is some what unnecessary I think. Is there any way to extend or override the built in "currency" filter of Angular js ?. Kindly appreciate some help.

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Create your custom filter which will internally use currency when value is present, otherwise it will return text which you want to show instead.


{{amount | customFormat:"USD$": "N/A"}}


.filter('customFormat', function($filter) {
  return function(value, format, text) {
    if (angular.isDefined(value) && value != null)
      return $filter('currency')(value, format);
      return text;

Working Plunkr

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