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Javascript Question

javascript - match regular expression against the array of items

Is there a way in JavaScript to get Boolean value for a match of the string against the array of regular expressions?

The example would be (where the 'if' statement is representing what I'm trying to achieve):

var thisExpressions = [ '/something/', '/something_else/', '/and_something_else/'];
var thisString = 'else';

if (matchInArray(thisString, thisExpressions)) {


Answer Source

var thisExpressions = [/something/, /something_else/, /and_something_else/];
var thisExpressions2 = [/else/, /something_else/, /and_something_else/];
var thisString = 'else';

function matchInArray(string, expressions) {

    var len = expressions.length,
        i = 0;

    for (; i < len; i++) {
        if (string.match(expressions[i])) {
            return true;

    return false;


setTimeout(function() {
    console.log(matchInArray(thisString, thisExpressions));
    console.log(matchInArray(thisString, thisExpressions2));
}, 200)‚Äč
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