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Can I create multiple repository directories in Bonobo GIT server?

In Bonobo Git server I changed the "Repository directory" to something like


But, It will search for repositories only directly under that folder and will not propagate inside it for folders inside it.

For example:


Can that be done somehow?

(Without creating a new Bonobo application for each repository directory)

Answer Source

Can that be done somehow ?

Under the current implementation, no:
The Bonobo.Git.Server/Git/IGitRepositoryLocator.cs#IGitRepositoryLocator is used in Bonobo.Git.Server/Git/GitService/GitServiceExecutor.cs#ExecuteServiceByName() as so:

args += " \"" + repoLocator.GetRepositoryDirectoryPath(repositoryName).FullName + "\"";

But nothing prevent you to add more intelligence in Bonobo.Git.Server/Git/ConfigurationBasedRepositoryLocator.cs#GetRepositoryDirectoryPath(), making sure to find a subfolder name repository+".git" instead of blindly combining the name of the repo to a fixed base folder.

The OP Elyahu ended up (in the comments) with:

I just created another Bonobo site that used the other folder as repositories container.
Bonobo basic site is less than 40MB

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