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JSON Question

Python2 - Summing "for" loop output

I'm trying to make a script that takes a balances of multiple addresses from a json file and adds them together to make a final balance.

This is the code so far -

import json
from pprint import pprint

with open('hd-wallet-addrs/addresses.json') as data_file:
data = json.load(data_file)

for balance in data:
print balance['balance']

This is what's in the json file:

"addr": "1ERDMDducUsmrajDpQjoKxAHCqbTMEU9R6",
"balance": "21.00000000"
"addr": "1DvmasdbaFD7Tj6diu6D8WVc1Bkbj7jYRM",
"balance": "0.30000000"
"addr": "18xkkUi7qagUuBAg572UsmDKcZTP5zxaDB",
"balance": "0.80000000"
"addr": "1MmTDCsySdsWRVbNFwXBy2APW5kGsynkaA3",
"balance": "0.005"


The output is like this:


How should I edit my code to add the numbers together?

Answer Source

Actually add them together...

total = 0
for balance in data:
    total += float(balance['balance'])
print total

Or using sum:

print sum(float(temp_balance['balance']) for temp_balance in data)
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