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iOS Question

Use Xcode 7 with iOS 10

I want to use Xcode 7 with iOS 10.

As I understand, working with iOS 10 beta requires Xcode 8 beta, so I should upgrade my Xcode. However, my code can't be built by the new compiler, so I want to stay with Xcode 7.

How can I achieve that?

Answer Source

You need use DeveloperDiskImage from Xcode 8 Beta. For this extract Xcode 8 Beta app and copy DeveloperDiskImage for iOS 10 to your Xcode folder.

Suppose you extract Xcode to Downloads/

cp -r /Users/fanruten/Downloads/\ \(14A345\) /Applications/

After copy DeveloperDiskImage you should start Xcode and connect iOS device to your mac.

With a standard Xcode install one can create a soft link:

sudo ln -s \
/Applications/\ \(14A5309d\) \
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