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Mac - Sublime Text and R

I am trying to write my first line in R using sublime text.

First I installed the SublimeREPL and enhance R packages. I edited the user settings to:

"default_extend_env": {"PATH": "{PATH};~/Applications/R.app"},
"show_transferred_text": true

Now I can launch REPL r without any trouble.
What I'd like to do know is to write some R code in one of my tabs and execute it automatically in the REPL r window.
What is happening now is when I use the cmd+enter shortcut to execute my selected code, it is executed but in the R.app console not in my REPL [r] window in sublime.

How can I fix this?


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EDIT: Currently the functionality moved from R-Box to SendREPL (see README here: https://github.com/randy3k/SendREPL).

After installing SendREPL, you need to bring up the command palette and search for SendREPL: Choose REPL Program

You need to change Enhanced-R.sublime-settings (User) from

    "App": "R"


    "App": "SublimeREPL"

Which also can be done by bringing up command panel (ctrl+shift+p on linux/windows or cmd+shift+p on mac) and search for R Application Switch and then select SublimeREPL

Note that Enhanced-R has been deprecated. Use R-Box

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