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Xamarin android Application not working in any Physical device

I developed a xamarin android application that can perform few activities. I developed it with Xamarin and Visual studio 2015 Update 3. I always tested this application with my emulator and one of my device (Samsung tab 3 lite). I thought as it works in my physical device so it will also work in any physical device. thats why I installed it to another android phone, but i found that's it not working. it's showing "Unfortunately myapp has stoped working." Then i tested it other several devices like asus zenfone 5 , samsung tab 10" tab , LG nexus. My app is not running in any devices except my own device that i used to develop this application.

Error screen after deployment.
enter image description here

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You can find the different possible solutions from the below Xamarin forum.

Most people confirmed that the below solution works for them.

Setting <AndroidUseLatestPlatformSdk>True</AndroidUseLatestPlatformSdk>



in Xamarin.Android project file.

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