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Swift Question

How can I plot addresses in Swift, converting address to longitude and latitude coordinates?

In Objective-C this code works fine to plot an address and it finds the longitude and latitude coordinates:

NSString *address = @"1 Infinite Loop, CA, USA";
CLGeocoder *geocoder = [[CLGeocoder alloc] init];
[geocoder geocodeAddressString:address
completionHandler:^(NSArray* placemarks, NSError* error){
// Check for returned placemarks
if (placemarks && placemarks.count > 0) {
CLPlacemark *topResult = [placemarks objectAtIndex:0];
// Create a MLPlacemark and add it to the map view
MKPlacemark *placemark = [[MKPlacemark alloc] initWithPlacemark:topResult];
[self.mapView addAnnotation:placemark];
[placemark release];
[geocoder release];

I have been searching for days on how to do this with Swift?! Could anyone point me in the right direction? Could you explain if a user needs an internet connection for this to work. Sorry if these questions sounds a bit basic, but I am quite new to this and learning every day.

I understand that I have to use this code, but cannot find a way to implement it

func geocodeAddressString(_ addressString: String!,
completionHandler completionHandler: CLGeocodeCompletionHandler!)

Answer Source

Try something like

var address = "1 Infinite Loop, CA, USA"
var geocoder = CLGeocoder()
geocoder.geocodeAddressString(address, {(placemarks: [AnyObject]!, error: NSError!) -> Void in
    if let placemark = placemarks?[0] as? CLPlacemark {
        self.mapView.addAnnotation(MKPlacemark(placemark: placemark))
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