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How to create bare deflate stream from file in Linux?

So, all tools that I know put the compressed by deflate algorithm stream in some file format with headers, file names, additional check sums etc.

Is it possible to create directly a file containing only the deflate compressed stream, as described in RFC-1951, using some of standard Linux tools + bash?

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I've seen some development tools which can do it, but with normal tools it is not (immediately) possible, because the raw compressed stream is generally useless.

Otherwise, on Linux, gzip --no-name results in compressed stream with header of fixed size of 10 bytes. You can trim it with dd.E.g.:

cat something | gzip --no-name | \
  ( dd of=/dev/null bs=1 count=10; cat > gzip-without-header )

All what's left, is to strip the last 8 bytes (CRC, uncompressed size) from the output file:

dd if=gzip-without-header of=gzip-without-anything \
    bs=1 count=$[ `stat -c '%s' gzip-without-header` - 8 ]

P.S. GZip file format is defined in RFC1952.

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