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How to override values inside fastlane's appfile using .env files

We have the need to override values in fastlane's appfile in certain situations, e.g. to use a different apple account for publication of the app, but there is no documented official way.

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The easiest way to do that is using environment variables:

Use an Appfile like this:

apple_id ENV["APPLE_ID"] || "default@company.com"
app_identifier ENV["APP_IDENTIFIER"] || "com.company.default"

When you now call fastlane without environment variables:

fastlane beta

it will use the default values provided (default@company.com)

to set a different value you can use

APP_IDENTIFIER="com.custom.app" fastlane enterprise

Also as already pointed out by other replies, you can always have multiple lanes for different environments and just pass a different app identifier or username to each of the actions you're calling.

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