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IntelliJ: Annotate button doesn't display username from git

Facing a very weird issue in IntelliJ since last few days. I've configured git with IntelliJ. By clicking on Annotate, I could easily see name of person who wrote the code but since last few days it is not working for me. PFB required images.

While clicking on Annotate

While it was working:
Working scenario

Present situation:
(Please note blank space instead of name, Ambani)
Note blank space

Please let me know if further inputs required

Version: 2016.1.4

Answer Source

The light green vertical shade(on the right of your debug points) that you see is the uncommitted code. Hence intelliJ is unable to detect any annotations on that. You can check that by by confirming that

git status 

would list out the file that you've shared.

So once those changes are committed

git commit -am "sample"

just try to hide and reopen annotations, that portion of code would also be annotated.

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