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Where do images need to be stored in and Android app?

I've been reading quite a lot on the topic, still not quite clear though. At the moment I'm creating an app, loading an image and a text on one screen. For loading the images I opted for Glide, but where is the most appropriate place to read them from? All of the tutorials I passed pass the image's URL. Isn't it slower when loaded from the net? Thanks a lot!

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If you care for apk size then do not put these images static. Instead you can keep these images on server(your or free server) and easily load those images using libraries like Glide or Picasso.

Isn't it slower when loaded from the net?

No. It will download image once and then cache it for future use. So it's very fast.

If you think apk size will doesn't matter for you and user should not face problem due to unavailability of internet then you can keep those images static inside app iteself.

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