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Spring @ConfigurationProperties doesn't inject anything, field stays null

I am trying to inject values to fields like this:

public class Paypal
private List<List<List<String>>> deleterequest;

public List<List<List<String>>> getDeleterequest()
return deleterequest;

public void setDeleterequest(List<List<List<String>>> deleterequest)
this.deleterequest = deleterequest;

private String date;

public String getDate()
return date;

public void setDate(String date)
{ = date;

Note: The Paypal bean itself is successfully loaded and not null. Reading values with @Value works fine in that class. My main class is also annotated with:


But both date and deleterequest stays null in this code:

private Paypal propsPayPal;

this.propsPayPal.getDeleterequest(); //returns null (no NPE!)
this.propsPayPal.getDate(); //returns null (no NPE!)

In the Spring Java Config I wrote:

public static PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer propertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer()
PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer o = new PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer();
YamlPropertiesFactoryBean yaml = new YamlPropertiesFactoryBean();
yaml.setResources(new ClassPathResource(Constants.PROPERTIES_FILE_NAME));
return o;

public Paypal paypal()
return new Paypal();

and my application.yml looks like this:

date: Datum
- Typ
- Allgemeine Abbuchung
- Status
- Abgeschlossen

Any help?

EDIT: I've figured out that when I create a new Spring project (just to test this issue) with an AnnotationConfigApplicationContext (which is used in my main program) as Context, it doesn't inject any values. Using a ConfigurableApplicationContext (via. works perfectly fine, variables will get injected. I have to get it to work on a AnnotationConfigApplicationContext though.

Answer Source

Solution was to switch to a ConfigurableApplicationContext. I used a AnnotationConfigApplicationContext which doesn't support this feature.