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Dart Angular2 in WebStorm: "Attribute [(ngModel)] is not allowed her ..."


Trying to follow the Angular2 'Heros Editor' tutorial using Dart in WebStorm:

import 'package:angular2/core.dart';

@Component( selector: 'my-app',
styleUrls: const ['app_component.css'],
template: '<input [(ngModel)]="hero" placeholder="name">')

class AppComponent{ String hero = "Seth Ladd"; }

The WebStorm IntelliSense marks [(ngModel)] as "Attribute [(ngModel)] is not allowed here...".

Am I missing an import or a setting to have WebStorm recognize Angular2 in Dart?

Thanks for your kind help.

Answer Source

WebStorm doesn't support AngularDart at the moment an you may get some false warnings in injected HTML. Also you may miss Angular specific code completion, highlighting, code navigation, etc. Watch

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