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How to retry HTTP requests with OkHttp/Retrofit?

I am using Retrofit/OkHttp (1.6) in my Android project.

I don't find any request retry mechanism built-in to either of them. On searching more, I read OkHttp seems to have silent-retries. I don't see that happening on any of my connections (HTTP or HTTPS). How to configure retries with okclient ?

For now, I am catching exceptions and retrying maintaining a counter variable.

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For Retrofit 1.x;

You can use Interceptors. Create a custom interceptor

    OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient();
    client.setConnectTimeout(CONNECT_TIMEOUT_MILLIS, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
    client.setReadTimeout(READ_TIMEOUT_MILLIS, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
    client.interceptors().add(new Interceptor() {
        public Response intercept(Chain chain) throws IOException {
            Request request = chain.request();

            // try the request
            Response response = chain.proceed(request);

            int tryCount = 0;
            while (!response.isSuccessful() && tryCount < 3) {

                Log.d("intercept", "Request is not successful - " + tryCount);


                // retry the request
                response = chain.proceed(request);

            // otherwise just pass the original response on
            return response;

And use it while creating RestAdapter.

new RestAdapter.Builder()
        .setClient(new OkClient(client))

For Retrofit 2.x;

You can use Call.clone() method to clone request and execute it.