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C++ Question

Call class method non-static initialised by pointer

I'm trying call a method initialised by pointer to a method of other class, i've followed this:
but it has not worked for me.

consider this:

class y
int GetValue(int z)
return 4 * z;

class hooky

int(hooky::*HookGetValue)(int) = (int(hooky::*)(int))0x0; // memory address or &y::GetValue;

int main()
hooky h; // instance
cout << h.*HookGetValue(4) << endl; // error
return 0;

the error that produces is:

[Error] must use '.' or '->' to call pointer-to-member function in
'HookGetValue (...)', e.g. '(... ->* HookGetValue) (...)'

Answer Source

The correct syntax to invoke a member function pointer is


Update: the reason original code does not work as expected is because of operator precedence of C++: function invocation () is having higher precedence than ptr to member .*. Which means


will be see as

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