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Android studio stuck at Refreshing Gradle project

Updated Android studio to 1.2.2 and the background process wont end.(Refreshing 'MemoryCards' Gradle project).

It has been more than an hour now and its still busy?

enter image description here

Is this normal and why is it taking this long? its a small app.

Here is my idea.log :


Disabled my proxy settings in android studio and the refreshing process continued and showed me the following.
enter image description here

It failed at the download of the gradle zip :

enter image description here

So the reason I think that It takes this long it was trying to download the gradle zip file +- 60 Mb and my internet connection is slow...

So the process continues when I disable the proxy settings but then it cant download the gradle zip file... ? so it fails again.

Update :

I used another Internet source and it downloaded the gradle and the process continued.

Answer Source

A few things to try in the following order:

  1. Restart the entire PC, then try again...

  2. If that fails then clear the cache for android studio, restart
    android studio and try again..

  3. Disable any proxies on your PC / network / Android studio then try again

If that doesn't work then look at clearing the gradle files and re-downloading them. Let me know how this goes please and I can update my answer with further things to do if needed.

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