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"Access is denied" error on accessing iframe document object

For posting AJAX forms in a form with many parameters, I am using a solution of creating an

, posting the form to it by POST, and then accessing the
's content.
specifically, I am accessing the content like this:


I tested it and it worked.

On some of the pages, I started getting an "Access is denied" error. As far as I know, this shouldn't happen if the iframe is served from the same domain.

I'm pretty sure it was working before. Anybody have a clue?

If I'm not being clear enough: I'm posting to the same domain. So this is not a cross-domain request. I am testing on IE only.

P.S. I can't use simple ajax POST queries (don't ask...)

Answer Source

Solved it by myself!

The problem was, that even though the correct response was being sent (verified with Fiddler), it was being sent with an HTTP 500 error code (instead of 200).

So it turns out, that if a response is sent with an error code, IE replaces the content of the iframe with an error message loaded from the disk (res://ieframe.dll/http_500.htm), and that causes the cross-domain access denied error.

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