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Android Question

converting a canvas into bitmap image in android

I am trying to develop an app on canvas,I am drawing a bitmap on the canvas.After drawing,i am trying to convert into bitmap image.

can anyone give me a suggestion.

thank you in advance.

Answer Source

Advice depends upon what you are trying to do.

If you are concerned that your controls take a long time to draw, and you want to draw to a bitmap so you can blit the bitmap rather than re-drawing via a canvas, then you don't want to be double-guessing the platform - controls automatically cache their drawing to temporary bitmaps, and these can even be fetched from the control using getDrawingCache()

If you want to draw using a canvas to a bitmap, the usual recipe is:

  1. Create a bitmap of the correct size using Bitmap.createBitmap()
  2. Create a canvas instance pointing that this bitmap using Canvas(Bitmap) constructor
  3. Draw to the canvas
  4. Use the bitmap
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