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jquery event after html() function

Is there a way to launch an event after html() has been fired? Such as:

$.post("ajax.php", {data :data}, function(data){
$("#countries").html(data, function(){

This is not working.

EDIT: I am asking this because I want to do few things(another call) with the information coming from the call... I wanted to simplify the example...I guess programmers always want to know why...

So here it is the example updated

$.post("ajax.php", {data :data}, function(data){
$("#countries").html(data, function(){
var id = $("#countries option:selected").attr("id");

Answer Source

Yes you can...

// create a reference to the old `.html()` function
var htmlOriginal = $.fn.html;

// redefine the `.html()` function to accept a callback
$.fn.html = function(html,callback){
  // run the old `.html()` function with the first parameter
  var ret = htmlOriginal.apply(this, arguments);
  // run the callback (if it is defined)
  if(typeof callback == "function"){
  // make sure chaining is not broken
  return ret;

// test it all works as expected (including chaining)
$("#mything").html("<div>My Thing</div>",function(){
  console.log("Just did my thing");
}).css({color: 'red'})

However, like everyone else says, it is unnecessary as .html() is synchronous, so you can just put your code following it rather than in a callback.


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