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How to animate path morphs using snap.svg

I have been searching for a good example on how to animate a svg path morph. I know how to do do pretty complex ones using SMIL, but snap.svg is new and shiny, and everyone seems to love it, so I'd like to take a look. I can't find a good example anywhere on how to do n animated path morph anywhere. Hopefully a snap.svg guru could point me in the right direction?

here's a link to the svg image and the code for it:

link to image

<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" width="600" height="400">
<path id="thing" d="M94.2,265.7L82,203.4c43.3-15.6,83.8-29.2,137.1-20.2c61.5-27.6,126.1-56.9,202.6-46.1c18.7,18.9,21.5,39.8,12.2,62.3C322.7,231.9,208.2,247.6,94.2,265.7z">
<animate id="myAnimationElement" dur="2s" begin="0" repeatCount="indefinite" attributeName="d"


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Not quite sure if you mean you just want the current animation in Snap or something different. Just to give an example of how one would typically do some animation...

s = Snap(400, 620);

var path = s.path("M94.2,265.7L82,203.4c43.3-15.6,83.8-29.2,137.1-20.2c61.5-27.6,126.1-56.9,202.6 46.1c18.7,18.9,21.5,39.8,12.2,62.3C322.7,231.9,208.2,247.6,94.2,265.7z");

path.animate({ d: "M179.4,83.5l62.4-11.8c15.3,43.4-76,102.6-22.6,111.5c61.5-27.6,126.1-56.9,202.6-46.1c18.7,18.9,21.5,39.8,12.2,62.3C250.6,296.7,52.4,259.2,179.4,83.5z" }, 1000, mina.bounce);


Edit: There needs to be the same amount of points on the path to morph from/to.