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Splitting a string using a Regex with or statements

I am trying to split a string using a regex which will ideally split the string on every whitespace character, underscore, and uppercase letter.

Currently what I have is:


But I can only get it to split the string on either one of those conditions and not all. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: The current (now revised) regex above will split a string on uppercase, whitespace, and underscores...however it is splitting it like so:

'hello World Goodbye' = ['hello', 'W', 'orld', 'G', 'oodbye']

I want to split the string on uppercase letters but not after, like so:

['hello', 'World', 'Goodbye']

Answer Source

From your comment:

My intent is to be able to parse any string with underscores, whitespace, or uppercase letters and place hyphens between those "words". However strings may sometimes come in the form of helloWorldGoodbye, which are clumped together in camel case and harder to separate.

To split on a space or an underscore, use a character class [\s_]+. To additionally split before a capital letter, use a look-ahead.

Altogether, that would look like:


And you can use it like this:

var str = "HelloWorld good_bye";

str = str.split(/[\s_]+|(?=[A-Z])/).join("-");

document.body.innerHTML = str;

Regex101 Demo

"hello World Goodbye" -> "hello-World-Goodbye"

"hello_World_Goodbye" -> "hello-World-Goodbye"

"helloWorldGoodbye" -> "hello-World-Goodbye"
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